Zip easy with Zip One Click Unzip

Zip and unzip files with the easiest zip tool yet.

With so many free zip utilities, why would you want to pay for one that does much less than most of the others? We'll get to that in a moment, but first we'll note that Zip One Click Unzip is designed to make it as easy as possible for novices, technophobes, and infrequent users to zip and unzip files and folders. You merely have to double-click a zipped file or folder to unzip it, or select a file or folder from the program's ultra-simple interface to do the job. It's shareware that is free to try for 15 days with a 100 KB limit.

Once it's installed, the easiest way to use Zip One Click Unzip is simply to click a zipped file to unzip it. We did this, and a pop-up notified us almost immediately that our file had been decompressed, while the unzipped folder itself opened. Zip One unzips and saves files and folders to their source directories, though it automatically opens the containing folder. Next we tried browsing to files and folders and zipping them from inside One Zip's user interface. While Zip One made quick work of .zip files, it can't handle other archive file types, such as .rar and .tar.

Which brings us back to our original question: Since Windows can zip and unzip files from context menus in Explorer, and freeware archive utilities such as WinZip and 7zip offer tons more features and capabilities, why would you consider paying for such a simple tool? Well, for starters, it only costs $2.99, which is less than a cup of coffee in some places (and less than coffee and a donut in most) not to mention lots of other things, such as a gallon of gas. Maybe you're setting up a computer for your grandmother, and the simpler the tool, the better. Or maybe the huge range of options and settings with tools like 7zip make unzipping a file feel like a course in software engineering. And even if you use a full-featured archive manager for .tar and .rar files, you might like Zip One Click Unzip's old-school simplicity for daily zipping chores.

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