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Build a top-quality Web site with this top-drawer app.

Your nephew might have awesome Web skills, or maybe you can do it yourself, but chances are you'll pay a lot to have a Web designer build a Web site, or pay a lot for the software you need to build, publish, and maintain your own site. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for, but it's definitely better to be able to try before you buy, especially when the software costs 5 bills. So we were pleased with the terms of Sitoo Web's 31-day trial period, which basically lets you try the software's full range of features, though with visible watermarks on the Web sites you create, and a few other restrictions, such as limited access to Sitoo's library of Web site templates and designs. You'll have to register to obtain a license key even to use the free trial, too, but it's a quick and painless process, and it entitles you to technical support, even during the trial. Recent updates include enhanced support for Live Edit apps.

Sitoo Web's user interface bears little resemblance to similar tools, and in fact it's more like a Web site than a GUI itself, in many ways. For instance, the main view is divided into a Start Menu section with two basic controls, Create Website and Open Project, with a list view for displaying active projects, and a News section displaying updates, program-related headlines, and links to video tutorials. Speaking of which, Sitoo Web offers numerous video tutorials, starting with the Intro Video on the Start Menu. Shortcuts offer quick access to a Showroom of example sites as well as a Forum and Contact Info. A conventional menu bar offers more traditional access to the Tools, Publish, Format, and other menus.

We started by clicking Create Website and picking one of 77 sample templates. Next, we entered our company name and data. All you need is a project name, though; you can fill the rest in later. The site editing page has a more conventional look. One-click publishing made posting our site a cinch. Sitoo Web has more features, like search engine optimization. Worth it? Try it and see.

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