Hit the open road and travel the Organ Trail.

Play the original Apple II classic with a modern twist.

Oregon Trail is the quintessential classic of the computer gaming era. Who hasn't spent countless hours stocking up their wagon to cross treacherous rivers only to die from dysentery? In comes Organ Trail to drag you back in to the time of simpler gaming, where regardless of skill level, your fate is wholly determined by Lady Luck.

For those who've never played the original, your objective is to cross the now zombie-infested United States in, most appropriately, a station wagon. You take with you four of your buddies, food, ammo, fuel, and parts for your car. Instead of predetermined roles, the Director's Cut version lets you create your own story with the option of selecting difficulty modes. Stock up and hit the road while taking care of the well-being of your companions (fighting off infections and diseases) as well as keeping an eye on provisions. Keep yourself well supplied through bartering, trading, taking on jobs, and when the times get tough, scavenging.

Minigames, which include fighting off biker gangs and going on bandit shootouts, add a new twist to the original elements. The infamous river crossing of the original has been replaced with navigating through massive zombie hordes, which are still as treacherous and luck-dependent as the original. The shooting mechanic has been updated with a slingshot-style control, making the game more interactive as well as adding a new level of challenge. We felt that the drag-to-shoot and tap-to-move mechanics can easily lead to some frustrating moments as you can accidentally step back into the reach of your pursuers when trying to clear the zombie in front of you.

The game is relatively short for the price tag. Clocking in at about 2-3 hours of playing at a regular pace, we thought it could have been a bit longer for a higher than average price tag. The replay value is high, so that could make up for it. If you like zombies and nostalgic gaming, this could the mobile purchase for you.

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