Stay on the right route with Google Maps for iOS

Get to your destination with this familiar app.

Apple's attempt at creating its own mapping app didn't start out on the right foot and could certainly use a bit more tweaking, but, thankfully, Google has stepped in to provide frustrated users with an iPhone version of its popular mapping service.

Google Maps for iOS first asks you to sign in to save your favorite places and to access past searches. You can opt to skip that step, however. The main screen is stripped down so that you can get a full view of the map. A search bar resides at the top, and you can tap the arrow icon to find directions from your current location. A very nondescript tab in the lower-right corner gives you up-to-date traffic and public transit information (if you have it in your location), and we were able to view our street in detail using the Satellite feature. In a matter of seconds, we had directions from our location to another across town, and were able to view our options for walking, driving, or taking public transportation. Once we chose our route, we tapped Start, and the voice-guided directions gave enough detail that we made it to our location pretty much right on target -- a definite improvement over our experience with Apple Maps, which got us completely turned around while trying to navigate downtown St. Louis.

We highly recommend Google Maps for iOS to all users.

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