Team up for fun with Battle Bears Royale

Be prepared to spend a little time getting the hang of this fun multiplayer game.

Battle Bears Royale is a multiplayer shooter game that teams you up to take out other players while navigating through multilevel maps. Don't be fooled by the cute, cuddly characters in Battle Bears Royale; this multiplayer game has tough but enthralling gameplay.

Right after you download Battle Bears Royale, beware of the pop-up windows that try to get you to play other games in the so-called network. This didn't make for a good first impression on our end. Be sure to press "Skip" to proceed with the actual game.

Informational windows describe features contained in the main interface. For example, Gas lets you play games with rewards and buy items, Joules lets you buy new guns and equipment, and Gear Up lets you customize your character. Music plays continuously, but it's far less distracting than in a lot of other games we've played, and you can adjust the volume in the Options menu. From there, you can also adjust your controls so that you can either double-tap to shoot or press a button to shoot. We opted to go through the tutorial first and we were surprised how hard it was to stay in control; it'll definitely take practice to get used to moving your character around while pointing and aiming to take out other characters. During the actual game, we got killed several times by members of the other team, but we still had fun giving it a go.

Battle Bears Royale has colorful, sharp graphics and while it may take you a bit of time to get the hang of it, we have a feeling players will be coming back for more. Even though you won't find gory graphics, because it is a shooter game we recommend it for mature users.

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