Access videos with Vuclip Mobile Video Search

Search for videos on multiple sites at once with Vuclip Mobile Video Search for Android.

Doing a one-time search for a particular video through the popular online video search sites offering billions of videos sounds like a great time saver. Vuclip Mobile Video Search for Android is looking to be your guide in this process, but it should really start by searching for the videos you want it to find first. When it does find them, it's tough to even get them to work.

This app offers a beautiful and well-thought-out interface but it doesn't completely deliver when it comes to its options. Even though the official site for this app aggregates results from YouTube, Flickr, and all of the other popular video search sites, the Vuclip app doesn't search each site individually, so it doesn't find many of the results you're looking for. Even worse, it gives you different results than it delivers on the Web version of the search. Hindering its usefulness even further, it shows dated videos that have been taken down or deleted. The app does let you create a favorites list and share your videos on social networks. It will then recommended videos based on what you've liked. However, those videos are just as likely not to work as videos you find through Vuclip's search on your own.

This app lacks a built-in streaming player, which makes it a little hard to recommend. Without one, it's just a buggy search app that doesn't work when you need it to. With YouTube's own app having a more functional, useful search, there's no real need to download Vuclip Mobile Video Search.

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