Edit and share your photos with an advanced photo-editing app for Android

Crop, retouch, and filter your smartphone photos with Snapseed.

The powerful camera on your smartphone needs useful photo-editing software to be truly great. If your mobile gadget has replaced your point-and-shoot camera, Snapseed is an essential app. It's a robust photo editor and sharing solution in one sleek, fast package.

The app downloads in seconds and is ready to start working after a quick tutorial. To start you off, you're given a sample image so you can play with all of the app's editing and resizing features. There are about a half-dozen filter modes that mimic apps like Instagram without any of the filters you never use. Then, you can move any of your smartphone's photos into the app to do all sorts of editing magic on them. In addition to using existing photos, you can snap a picture right from the app. Snapseed can share to any other photo app or social network, but highlights Google+ especially for some reason.

This app gives you all of the features you want to make quick edits to your photos and share them with friends. It combines all the retouching glory of social sharing apps with all the editing goodness you love on your computer. If you take any photos with your smartphone and want to make them look amazing, Snapseed is a must-download. It will turn photos taken with even mediocre mobile cameras into awesome works of art.

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