Reimagine your wallpaper with Ice Cream Sandwich LWP

See the signature Ice Cream Sandwich wallpaper animated on your Android device.

For all their processor-stressing, battery-draining drawbacks, live wallpapers are still lovely to watch. This one animates the rainbow-esque screen that comes stock on Nexus gadgets and has become associated with Ice Cream Sandwich. Ice Cream Sandwich LWP will let you watch those swirls and bubbles in the wallpaper dance around.

The installation of this app goes smoothly. Most of the knocks against this wallpaper are the same as for any live wallpaper. It sucks your battery charge very quickly and it pushes your phone's RAM more than a wallpaper really should. It's clear that this particular live wallpaper was made very hastily, too. Though it has animated bubbles and streaks, the static bubbles and streaks on the original wallpaper are still clearly visible. It would have been nice if the designer had blended those in better or made them work with the moving parts instead of just superimposing them. Still, it's very pretty to look at. On more advanced phones that have beefy processors, the RAM usage shouldn't make too much of a dent.

Those big, gorgeous screens on high-end phones will make the Ice Cream Sandwich LWP look its best. For folks who don't have the most advanced phones, this live wallpaper will still look good, but it may use too much RAM. Also, it probably shouldn't be used as a default home screen.

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