Dance like Psy with Gangnam Style Booth

Do the silly Gangnam Style dance from the famous video.

The Web's hottest video Gangnam Style has inspired a goofy dance craze. You don't have to learn new steps to see what it might look like if you did it, though. People with two left feet can do Psy's signature dance with Gangnam Style Booth. It's a little picky about which photos you can use, but it's good enough for a silly laugh at your own or a friend's expense.

Gangnam Style Booth lets you paste your face onto Psy or the bizarre elevator guy from the music video. You'll see a preview of the image played along with the signature song, and you can save it to share with friends. It doesn't let you resize the original image, so you're going to have to take a special picture to make the program work or deal with it being oddly cropped and resized. This ruins the appeal of this app, since most pictures are going to be too big or too small to work properly. But that's pretty typical of all apps of this type.

If you love those photo booth apps that make your pictures dance and do weird poses or you've just caught the Gangnam Style fever, you'll like the Gangnam Style Booth app. The novelty will wear off pretty fast once you see how poorly it actually works, however.

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