Forge texts with Fake SMS Sender

Receive a fake text at just the right moment.

A well-timed text message can really be a lifesaver. Whether you need one to get out of a boring situation or you need one to support a little white lie, Fake SMS Sender will help you out. It sends you a text whenever you need one that is sure to fool someone -- if that person doesn't look too carefully.

Fake SMS Sender app offers a very straightforward interface with the options to choose the time, date, and sender of any text. You can choose a random number or select one from your contacts and even send postdated texts. If you need to receive a text with a custom message, the app allows that, too. The only issue with creating the fake text is that there are often ads right under the send button, which sets up plenty of accidental taps. When the text arrives, it not only shows up in your inbox with the normal notification, but this app sends its own custom notification, too. This random blurb in your status bar could give you away if you're not careful, but most people won't really notice.

This app helps you fool plenty of your friends and could even pull you out of a jam. However, anyone who looks close enough will be able to figure out what the case is. A less revealing name and notification would make the app ideal, but Fake SMS sender will keep suspicious friends off of your track well enough to get by.

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