Get your photos with Facebook Album Downloader

Download all of your Facebook photos right to your Android device.

Most Facebook users feature a ton of photos on their profile. Downloading them one by one to your gadget is time-consuming and difficult. Facebook Album Downloader will do it for you, but it takes almost as long to make it work.

Obviously, the app requires you to log in through Facebook to work properly. However, Facebook Album Downloader crashes and freezes almost every time you try to log in. Once you finally get it working, you can download all of your albums and tagged photos with the touch of a button. You can even download all of a friend's photos, too. The download process takes far longer than it should, though. This is especially true if you have a lot of photos. Worst of all, the longer it takes and the more photos you download, the more likely the program is to close itself and make you start all over.

Using Facebook Album Downloader on your Android device is enough to make you think twice about downloading each photo individually. That would be more consistent and probably just as fast as downloading your photos with this app. With too many desktop apps to mention that work better, there's really no reason to fight with this app to make it work.

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