Manage your files with ES File Explorer

Add more control over the files on your Android gadget.

The default file control on Android seems attractive, but it's definitely not as useful as a custom explorer. ES File Explorer is almost the exact opposite. The file explorer lets you see everything on your gadget in a menu that mimics the way you'd look at files on your computer. It's not very pretty to look at, though.

When you open the ES File Explorer app for the first time, it gives you a few tips for navigating. Those aren't really necessary since the app puts everything right in front of you. It doesn't just display your files, but your apps and other system info, too. Tapping on anything launches a menu that allows you to delete, open or edit your stuff right from the app. You can even tap the top menu of the app for easy navigation through the multiple windows and menus that the app can manage. The app's top bar is also where you can change the layout of your files, which will come in handy. That's because the app, for all of its power, has a very uninspired layout. It sacrifices form for maximum function, so it looks cheesy at best and dated at worse. This app supports a variety of languages, which gives it a nice touch.

If you can deal with the mediocre layout, you probably won't find a more powerful file explorer. It gives you complete control over your files just like your computer has. Everything is simple to find and even easier to use.

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