Blast your music with Bass Booster - Beta

Add a premium-quality sound mixer to your Android with Bass Booster - Beta.

As smartphones replace portable media players, it only makes sense that their sound quality improves. Since phone manufacturers haven't stepped up to put awesome audio quality in every phone, Bass Booster - Beta app will be able to help. It gives your phone a powerful blast of bass and great equalizers, but it's best used by serious audiophiles. It's so strong that it could do serious damage to a rookie user's phone.

Finding the happy medium with this software isn't easy. Audiophiles who know what they're doing will be able to perfect their sound with tons of equalizers. However, if you're not that familiar with how mixing works, there's a strong chance you could blow out your phone's speaker by cranking the bass or mix too high. Luckily, you can play it safe with some of the 20 or more preset mixing options. It would make it even more user-friendly if the mixing board came with a built-in media player. But since it doesn't, you can use your favorite media player app. Bass Booster - Beta's developers recommend only using it with an external speaker, which is much safer. The app's creators also recommend you use the app on a rooted phone, which makes sense. It works just fine on a stock Android 4.0 build, though.

If you like to have full control over your phone, you've probably already rooted it. That means you'll be able to tap into the full strength of Bass Booster - Beta's amazing sound customization. However, if you're not an audiophile and don't trust yourself with these features, use this app carefully and you'll still have a lot of fun.

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