Download your Picasa albums to your Android device with Picasa Downloader

Download albums from Picasa to your Android device with this free app.

Google's Picasa makes it easy to store, share, and edit your photos and other images. While it's great to be able to access your Picasa images on the go, you probably don't want to store all your albums on your smartphone. Picasa Downloader by Andrei Markovits is a free app that makes it quick and easy to download your Picasa albums so that you can access them offline or when you need them. Even large albums download quickly -- depending on your connection speed, that is! With a 4G or Wi-Fi signal, your Picasa albums download so quickly that it almost wouldn't make sense to store them on your phone anyway. Picasa Downloader works on any up-to-date Android device. To use Picasa Downloader to access your Picasa albums, you'll need to be a Picasa user, of course, but you can sign up (or sign in) through your Google account. And, naturally, you're not restricted to your own Picasa albums: With Picasa Downloader, you can download any album you have permission to access.

Picasa Downloader is totally easy to use, even under less-than-ideal conditions. Make that especially under less-than-ideal conditions, like parties, dance floors, and outdoors: all those place that apps fail when you're counting on them. Picasa Downloader solves that problem with a supersimple interface consisting of an entry field for User Name and a second entry field for Passwords for accessing private albums. Other than that, there's just one button, Load Albums. We started by accessing our own Picasa albums, and then some friends' albums. Even with password-protected albums, Picasa Downloader made a quick job of downloading our images, displaying the albums with thumbnails. We merely had to long-press a folder and then press Download to initiate a download. Picasa Downloader's counter tracked our download. When we opened our phone's gallery, our new folders were present with their images intact and available to view.

Picasa Downloader displays a Google Play banner ad, but beyond that, it's as simple an app as you're likely to encounter. Recent upgrades include a fix for a bug that closed the app when you exceeded 50 albums.

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