Play pro league cricket on Android with IPL Cricket T20 Fever

You can pay a top-quality cricket game with this free Android app.

Real cricket fans will love IPL Cricket T20 Fever, a free Android app offering some of the most realistic cricket simulations we've seen. You can control not just the batter or bowler but also the viewing angle, bringing extra realism to high-quality animation and effects. While it's not exactly for cricket novices, true enthusiasts will appreciate not only its realistic play but also the fact that the game's teams, players, and matches are all based on the Indian Premier League, home to many of the world's top professional cricketers. IPL fans take cricket seriously, and IPL Cricket T20 Fever captures not only the level of play but also the level of enthusiasm with a sophistication rivaling any major sports app we've seen. That's the good news. The not-so-good news is that animated ads appear at various points. What's not so bad about that is it keeps top-quality sims like IPL Cricket T20 Fever free.

IPL Cricket T20 Fever's installer requested permission to download about 20MB more data; users with limited storage space should be aware of the additional requirements. A series of ads began to play as soon as we opened the game, though we could skip some of them. Nevertheless, we were quickly becoming aware of this game's demands on our battery and our data connection, and we strongly recommend playing on Wi-Fi if possible, since you could incur large data charges. You'll also want to keep your charger handy. IPL Cricket's Main Menu offers four main choices: Quick Match, Power Play, Pass-n-Play, and a tool for setting matches. We started with a Quick Match, choosing the lowest Difficulty level, Easy. Rusty cricket skills aren't much of a problem with IPL Cricket as long as your thumbs are in decent shape. Fortunately, the developers took pity and offered quick but helpful Batting and Bowling tutorials.

While we let the side down at first, we got the hang of IPL Cricket before too long. If you love cricket and don't mind some ads now and again, IPL Cricket T20 Fever deserves a match.

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