Drive for your life as you are The Last Driver

Battle zombies and make your way through the end of the world as you play The Last Driver.

In this free game, it's the end of the world and you play the title role of The Last Driver. The only aim is to keep the life bar full, which means constantly handling new challenges. The Last Driver, with its clean intuitive interface, offers a good gaming experience for both advanced and casual users.

Users will be put behind the wheel of a Mad Max-like Muscle Car, while they try to endure diverse challenges at a time when zombies are everywhere and the world is literally falling apart. Unlike some games with the goal of saving the world, there's no hope for salvation here. Users will get several missions at the start of each level, which includes collecting coins, killing zombies and driving a certain distance. The difficulty increases with each level, and there are different challenges in each, which kept the game interesting. Some parts of the road are destroyed by UFOs, cars crashing, and buildings collapsing, so it is up to the player's ability to deal with these challenges. The driving can be handled by either touch buttons or through an optional and adjustable tilt-control (our favorite).

The overall user experience of The Last Driver is good; the controls work very well; and we enjoyed playing the app. If you enjoy apocalyptic scenarios and zombies, this free game is worth a try.

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