Remove unwanted files and speed up your system with CleanMyMac

Optimize memory usage and remove file clutter with this handy app.

CleanMyMac is designed to remove old and unnecessary files from your hard drive, as well as optimize system performance. A trial version of the program is available for download, and the full version is available with either a six-month license for $7.47 or a lifetime license for $14.97.

CleanMyMac performs two different tasks that help your Mac computer run better. The first task it tackles is getting rid of orphan and unnecessary files, including cache files. CleanMyMac searches your hard drive and makes recommendations of files that can be deleted, including files for multiple Mac architectures and localization files. As part of the process, CleanMyMac can also uninstall applications and their associated files. Secondly, CleanMyMac tries to speed up your machine by culling the unnecessary apps from the ones that load when your computer starts. The CleanMyMac interface is easy to use and explains what's happening. You can even modify the theme of the CleanMyMac interface if you wish!

We used CleanMyMac on three different machines, and in each case it performed well. On one of our machines that we use as a testing platform we freed up several gigabytes of disk space, and the boot process improved noticeably. On other machines, we freed up a few megabytes and tweaked the speed; the effect was less pronounced but still worthwhile. CleanMyMac is one of those utility apps that is useful to run at least once a month, and it worked perfectly for us.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of CleanMyMac for Mac 1.10.9.

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