Test your surgical skills on innocent patients with the graphic Amateur Surgeon

Find out why you didn't become a doctor with Amateur Surgeon, a game that's not for the squeamish.

The publishers give fair warning that this game is designed for those who delight in being disgusted. Amateur Surgeon, they note, is brought to us "courtesy of the ever-controversial Adult Swim network." This means there will be blood...and guts. If that isn't your cup of tea, the gameplay might not be enough to keep you interested.

There is a simple storyline: you're placed in various situations in which you, the amateur, need to perform surgery on patients with the makeshift tools around you -- but the emphasis is on graphically displaying the surgeries and your missteps. Even with the cartoon-like graphics, some of the visuals aren't for the squeamish. We couldn't figure out if it was our skills or a game designed to "help" you lose in order to increase the gross-out factor, but we weren't very successful with our patients whether we were armed with a corkscrew or a vacuum. One issue, skill aside, was that it was hard to put your finger on the screen to carry out an action like cutting open the patient without covering the on-screen dotted-line guide. Other controls and features didn't seem suited for the iPhone's small screen, like the zoom option which seemed to move in too close to be useful. The audio is limited and consists mostly of the patient screaming in pain, which we heard more than enough times during our inept surgery attempts.

If you're looking for challenging gameplay, you'll probably want to spend your $2.99 elsewhere, but if you just need a way to channel your inner Beavis and Butthead, Amateur Surgeon might provide some laughs.

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