Design your dream home with Home Design Story

Unleash your creative side and design the home you've always dreamt about playing Home Design Story.

It starts with two empty rooms, but with your creative efforts becomes your dream home. Home Design Story is an iOS game that lets you experience all the joy and pain of interior and exterior home design. While it's offered free of charge, you will need to earn coins and gems to purchase items and the process can be a little slow. You may be tempted to spend your own money to speed up the process.

Home Design Story requires two things from the player: creativity and spare time to play. The game is centered around buying items from the market to place in your home and interacting within the community of other home designers. You'll start off with a few coins, but they don't go far. You can earn more by performing tasks like having a sleepover or accepting visitor's gifts. Gems help speed up the process of collecting coins or getting furniture delivered, but once you run out, they're only available as an in-app purchase.

At times, you may want to get things moving more quickly. First because there are a lot of options, from wallpaper to furniture to plants, you'll want to add to your home. Second, because it takes real time to collect coins after performing tasks, and some of them take hours. The furniture delivery is also measured in real minutes, but unlike real life, you don't need to stay at home waiting for them to come. You can visit other houses or participate in the online community, and just check back from time to time to see how it's going.

Home Design Story is fun to play, and maybe a little addictive. Be warned; you'll need lots of patience if you don't want to spend real cash in the process.

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