Get the latest news on your phone with the easily customizable Prismatic

Read the news, view images, and more with Prismatic, a user-friendly newsreader for the iPhone.

If you're willing to link to your social media accounts, you can get a customized newsfeed with Prismatic. This user-friendly app has a few flaws, but overall provides a good reading (and user) experience.

The uncluttered interface makes it easy to get started, and Prismatic makes the most of touch-screen technology to make navigation simple. As you start exploring the app, you'll get a quick overview of the controls, but helpful hints will also continue to pop up. As noted, you can sign in to Twitter, Facebook, and your other social media accounts so Prismatic can take note of your interests to serve up relevant items. You can also choose from the app's general lists, so if you're in San Francisco, for example, you can choose the Giants, or local restaurant news. The gestures to navigate are fairly intuitive: tap to read a story, tap and hold to reveal feedback or sharing buttons, and swipe left or right to access the list of articles in your account. When you read an article, the app fills the entire screen, which makes it very easy to read. There were, however, some flaws, too. In our tests, loading was sometimes sluggish, and there were some minor formatting issues with Twitter comments and paragraph spacing.

Despite its flaws, Prismatic is a very user-friendly app that brings the news and other items of interest to your phone. With its touch-screen controls and navigation, it gives a nice twist to the news reader.

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