Boost your PC with Wise Game Booster

Optimize your PC's performance on demand with Wise Game Booster.

You don't need a supercharged PC to run high-demand games. Wise Game Booster will speed up your computer's gaming performance with the touch of a button. It's a little too powerful for rookie users, but the ability to change or modify how it closes programs makes it a worthwhile download.

Though the program claims to boost game performance, it really just optimizes RAM and processing speed. More often than not, this means shutting down any open programs and stray processes. If you're not careful, that could mean closing Word or another program when you haven't saved. Someone is going to make that mistake and lose a project they've been working on -- so a warning might be nice. Once you've actually combed through the program's various screens, you can choose how it responds to open programs, which is a nice feature. Wise Game Booster even gives accurate readouts as to what programs and processes were shut down and what it could not end. Sadly, it only recognizes EXE files as proper "gaming" files. This means emulators and ROMs will be shut down instead of receiving the power boost if you're not careful.

While perhaps not ideal for every user, this download could prove to be a lifesaver for gamers who know what they're doing. If you're the type to browse everything a program can do before putting it to work, enjoy Wise Game Booster. If you don't want to figure out a program before using it, use this program with caution.

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