Save videos so you can view them offline with Video Clips

Video Clips offers the ability to download Web video and watch without streaming delays, but the results are hit or miss.

Downloading videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites is sort of the holy grail of free software. Many programs claim to do it, but only a select few can pull it off without hiccups. Video Clips falls firmly into the second category. It rarely works and when it does, it doesn't work well.

Trying to install Video Clips takes several minutes, as you have to decline no less than four programs that try to install with it. If you exit out of them, it often closes the installation process, making the program incredibly difficult to run. When it does work, it's a simple, practically text-based layout that lets you copy in URLs to convert. It doesn't give you many output formats to choose from, but it does give you a choice of where to save your files. Sadly, the converter seems to only work with YouTube videos, not other sites like Hulu. Even with YouTube videos, the whole process is entirely hit or miss. It takes far longer than you would expect, too, which is especially painful when it fails.

Video Clips promises to deliver great functionality but in fact doesn't, and is far more likely to load your computer with junk software and toolbars than video files. You're really better off just watching the videos online than trying to save time and effort with this software.

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