Go all in with Zynga Poker

Play Texas Hold 'Em on your Android tablet or phone.

Can't get all your friends together for a poker night? This free download will give you all the fun of Texas Hold 'Em with that signature Zynga addictiveness and social integration. Zynga Poker features a gorgeous layout that's easy to use, but the frequent in-game pop-ups and notifications might turn some people off.

If you know the Zynga name from its click-happy Facebook games, you either love it or hate it. This app won't change your mind one way or another. It will either become your new addiction or you'll avoid it on principle alone. When you do download it, Zynga Poker gives you the option to connect your Facebook account and play Poker against your friends. It rewards you for recruiting them to your table, too -- a fact it will continually remind you about through pop-up ads. Once you make it past those, the fast pace and easy navigation make the game a very enjoyable poker experience. The saved progress is a nice touch that makes you want to keep coming back to increase your stack, too.

The company behind these apps rarely makes bad ones, to be honest. It just faces a lot of flack because of the addictive and slightly annoying social elements of its games. If you don't use those or don't mind bugging your friends on Facebook, you won't find a better Hold 'Em game than Zynga Poker. It has all the features you want in a very attractive package.

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