Skin your gadget with Windows 8 for Android

Make your Android device look like a Windows 8 gadget with Windows 8 for Android app.

With Windows 8 mobile gadgets lagging far behind Android and Apple, it's tough to imagine why anyone would want to look at Windows 8's layout. However, if you've bought a Windows 8 computer or tablet and fallen in love with the tile interface, try Windows 8 for Android. It brings that interface to your Android gadget, but is missing many of the features that make people love custom launchers.

One of the reasons Windows 8's user interface is turning heads is "Live Tiles." The always-updating blocks aren't here, which is a glaring error from a paid app. That's one of the main reasons a person would download this sort of launcher. Enhanced customization -- he second reason anyone would download this or any launcher -- is missing, too. You can't remove any of the tiled widgets, and adding new ones is more of a hassle than it is on regular Android. Other than that, Windows 8 for Android works very well at giving you a Windows 8 experience, save for the fact is doesn't rotate with your screen. That makes it impossible for tablets and not very useful for phones.

Once you get past the fact that this app is a skin masquerading as a launcher, it's a little easier to swallow its lack of features, though Windows 8 for Android is too buggy and half-baked to merit the $1.99 price tag. But if you can't live without that tile interface, it's cheaper than buying a new gadget.

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