Transfer files between devices with Wifi File Transfer for Phone

Transfer your files easily by using a Wi-Fi network and two Android devices.

If you ever needed to transfer a file from one Android device to another, you have probably wished that this app existed. Wifi File Transfer for Phone sets up your own private cloud between the two devices in the same Wi-Fi network and lets you transfer your files without much hassle.

Wifi File Transfer for Phone has a slick layout with bright colors and easy-to-read, intuitive icons. Once the app is set up, the devices can openly browse files between each other. Once the user finds a file they want, they simply select it for download and wait. If you are a user who has multiple Android devices this application can change how you use them. It makes your devices more useful by making them cooperate with one another. It also makes your life easier if you want to exchange some files with a friend who also has an Android device. There is no limitation when it comes to the file size you can transfer, and you can even transfer files in bulk instead of doing it one by one.

While this software may not be appropriate for the absolute beginner, it is a necessity for intermediate and advanced users. With a smooth functioning and bug-free user interface, WiFi File Transfer for Phone is a great choice for anyone who wants to share files between two Android devices.

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