Stay up-to-date with Samsung Galaxy Y Updates

Join a community of Android lovers and snag cheap accessories.

This app comes as a true refreshment to all die-hard Android lovers out there. Samsung Galaxy Y Updates is a portal to news, updates, and even special offers for Android users. It lets you stay up-to-date with all the latest in the Android world.

Though the name of the app refers to a specific phone, it's the same app no matter the name. You can replace "Samsung Galaxy Y" with the name of your gadget and find another portal. Samsung Galaxy Y Updates links you to a news network with custom ROMS, developer apps, and other Android goodies. There are even special deals to help you save on accessories and other things to make the most of your gadget. Though the stories and offers are worth your time, the layout isn't easy on the eyes. Much of the app's readable real estate is taken up by sharing widgets. Those let you share your favorite stories on your favorite social network right from the app, though.

For a specialized news reader app, there aren't many better options for Android fans. It just has such a narrow focus that it might not be useful for the average user. If you're looking for specific help for your gadget, it will be tough to find in Samsung Galaxy Y Updates. However, if you're tired of seeing the over-coverage of Apple gadgets on major tech blogs, this one will make you smile.

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