Play cricket with T20 ICC World Cup 2012

Relive the 2012 ICC World Cup on your Android device with this fun cricket game.

Looking to bat your way through a sticky wicket? Then you might have found the right app. Though you'd expect a top-notch experience since it's officially tied to the ICC World Cup, this game delivers mediocre graphics. However, for a simple game, T20 ICC World Cup 2012 is enough to fill your cricket fix on the cheap.

This paid version of T20 ICC World Cup 2012 includes all 12 teams involved in the 2012 tournament. The names have changed, but your favorite club will still play like you expect it to. If you're expecting premier graphics, you won't find it here, though. The game is closer to Super Nintendo graphics than the PlayStation 2 level some Androids can dish out. The long animated sequences between plays and downright goofy controls might frustrate you, too. As cricket is a complex game, it's quite difficult to minimize it to one-touch controls.

This app delivers one of the premier cricket experiences on Android, but that's not really saying much. T20 ICC World Cup 2012 will let you win the cup for your squad, but only after you've spent hours mastering the tough controls. Cricket fans will put it down for an Xbox 360 controller before long. If you're strapped for cash or don't have an advanced gaming console, this download will be one of your only choices, though.

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