Apply visual effects to photos with Sketch Guru

Easily edit photos and apply various effect filters with Sketch Guru.

Taking photos with your Android device can be fun, but adding a bit of extra creativity to your photos and sharing them via your favorite social networks can make it even more fun. Sketch Guru allows you to add some great-looking effects to your photos. It is easy to install and has a very neat and user-friendly layout.

Once downloaded, Sketch Guru will quickly and easily allow any user to apply creative effects to their images. The installation process is supereasy. Although some of the effects are slow to apply, the software is fairly quick. The sheer number of effects is staggering, and the quality is amazing. Photo effects in this app are beautiful, and varying levels of effect are also helpful in attaining the perfect result. Sketch effect, black-and-white, comic effect, and watercolor are some of the 19 different effects available. The process of editing photos is pretty easy. Once you select an image from your gallery or camera, it is immediately put into cropping mode. The image is than cropped and placed into another screen for the effects. Choose an effect and it is then applied to the image. You can then save your final result and share it through your favorite social networks.

Sketch Guru works and it works well. With a simple, clean layout, and a usable interface, this app promises to please. If you are searching for an application to enhance your images in fun ways, look no further.

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