Access the Internet with PPP Widget

Use your Android phone as a access point for another device.

If the only option for accessing the Internet on your Android tablet is through a Wi-Fi connection, you may desire to connect to the Internet by using your phone. PPP Widget may be the solution you are looking for. It does need root access and some extra tuning for certain devices, as it may become buggy.

Those who are new to Android may find the setup challenging. Many settings are needed to set the link up, and one missed step will cause a lost connection. However, there is not a whole lot to complain about with PPP Widget's layout, as it's clean, simple, ad-free, and quite user-friendly. When it comes to functionality, this app does what it's supposed to do. It takes two Android devices with USB host abilities and links them together. One device is used for its Internet connection, and the other is used to access the connection. While the software gives many options, it is pretty limited to a small group of users; you have to have two devices with the Android OS, and these devices must also have USB host capabilities. This app works well on many Android devices, but it can happen that it just doesn't work on yours, as developers give no guarantees that it works on all devices.

While PPP Widget may be useful to some people, other options may be more realistic for most users. This app does function, but there are also some drawbacks that come with it. It isn't easy to set up, and it uses a lot of battery power. Those who have a use for it and have no other options should give it a try. If you have other alternatives, consider steering clear of this one.

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