Edit your photos with Photoshop Effects-Photo Editor

Add filters and crop the photos with ease on your smartphone or tablet.

If you snap tons of photos on your smartphone, you need a full-strength photo editor. With a price tag of $1.79, you would think Photoshop Effects-Photo Editor would do all the editing you need and more. Instead, this app offers some of the most common filters and limited cropping features instead of real Photoshop effects.

By cashing in on the name of the popular desktop photo editor, Photoshop Effects-Photo Editor makes you think you're paying for quality. Instead, you're getting a simple filtering app that adds effects that would have been cool 15 years ago. Now, they just look like relics from the Web 1.0 world. They're easy enough to apply and the layout makes it easy to find the cropping and resizing tools, too. But, once you're done messing with silly smilies and cropping your photos, you're left with nothing else to do. We think that a nice addition to this app would be an option to share photos to Facebook or upload them from the cropping tool, but this app doesn't offer anything like this.

Not only does this app not live up to the name of Photoshop, it doesn't even come close. This paid app will be a fun novelty for a little while, but in the long run, Photoshop Effect-Photo Editor doesn't offer much. While casual users who don't mind simple crop and filter options will probably find this app fun, more-advanced users who actually use Photoshop are probably better off downloading the free Photoshop Express app.

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