Back up your phone's files with MyPhoneExplorer Client

Control your phone's files, contacts, and calls from your computer with MyPhoneExplorer Client app.

As smartphones become tiny laptops, people store more and more important files on them. However, smartphone memory can still fail, so it's vital that you back up your gadget to save those files. MyPhoneExplorer Client is full of features to help you do that, but there are too many strings attached.

Before you can even start using MyPhoneExplorer Client, you have to download a desktop companion. When you do, the program will try to install some very nasty spam software with it. When you finally go through a painful setup process, you will be greeted by an app that offers a solid helping of control over your phone's files. You can sync desktop apps with their mobile equivalents, back up your files, and even manage your call and contact history. The app connects to your computer over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or through USB. However, to make all of this happen, you have to give the app too many of your phone's permissions. Not just calls or other details that are normal with apps, but debugging and other developer features you need special permissions to get to.

With the type of spammy applications the desktop version tries to install, it's tough to trust this app. It doesn't need the permission it asks for to back up your phone, and MyPhoneExplorer Client could cause problems once it gets them. Since most apps will sync to their Web and desktop clients automatically, you don't need that much power in your backup. You're better off backing up yourself than trusting your entire phone to this app.

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