Enjoy more of your music with Media Player for Android

Play multiple file formats that the default media player can't with Media Player for Android.

Though the default media player in Android gets better with every update, it's still not great. You want something more customizable that offers more format support, and, of course, a useful home screen widget wouldn't hurt, either. Media Player for Android is missing all of those features.

Media Player for Android can barely even load without crashing. When it is working, it doesn't give you nearly the amount of file support that it promises. Though Media Player for Android advertises MP4 and M4V file support, it fails to play these files consistently. These days, even the default player in Android can handle more file formats than this app, which still brags Cupcake functionality. On more-modern gadgets, crashes, bad playback, and a lack of features are all you're really going to see with this app. All of this goes without mentioning that there's no home screen widget to manage your files without fully opening the app. That's a standard feature on most media players that is missing here.

With a solid default option and even Google Music coming on most phones, third-party players have to step up their game. Though many great ones have and now offer dozens of fun features, Media Player for Android is stuck in the old Android days. Unless it sees a major update in the near future to match Android's newer versions, this app won't be worth downloading.

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