View Microsoft Office documents

Read Microsoft Office documents on your Android device with a free application.

Being able to read, e-mail, and share documents created in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on your Android device brings great advantages. Kingsoft Office Reader for Android Free makes these tasks fast and easy.

After a quick installation, this app loaded quickly on our device. It is pretty light on the resources and bug-free. The user interface is clean and simple to use. It worked well identifying and opening e-mail attachments and other Office document types we tried. Kingsoft Office Reader for Android Free is appropriate for all skill levels, and most users will find it handy. Even though it works well and there are no problems with the software, there is a problem with demand. Most Android operating systems today can read these file formats with no problem by using Google's document viewer.

Kingsoft Office Reader for Android Free caters to users of early Android operating systems. People who don't intend to edit files on their mobile device and are conscious of memory usage will also find this app very handy.

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