Turn your mobile device into a Webcam with IP Webcam app

View a live video feed from any Internet connection using your Android device as a mobile Webcam.

If you truly want to expand the functionality of your Android device, then this app is worth your attention. With IP Webcam your mobile device can easily turn into a useful Webcam for online Skype sessions or even a video baby monitor. This app delivers exactly what it promises, it's easy to use, and it functions without much hassle.

IP Webcam offers a pretty straightforward and functional layout. The setup is very easy and there are a few options in the main menu, such as which camera to use, and whether sound will be streaming or not. To stream the video just go on your computer or other Android device and type the IP address in, and that's it. Once the video begins streaming, an IP address is shown in the bottom of the monitor. Flash player is required to view the feed. The image is choppy and pretty low resolution in order to keep the bandwidth down, but overall the quality is not bad at all. Even though this a very light application it tends to bog down resources once it is up and running. It is capable of crashing a device if other applications are running in the background. It also uses battery power quite liberally while streaming.

Anyone looking for a low-resolution Webcam for any reason should consider trying out this app. With IP Webcam app the possibilities become endless. If you ever need a Webcam on the go or video baby monitor, this is the application for you. It does what it says, but it can drain the resources.

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