Compress large files with NXPowerLite Desktop Edition

Compress multiple large files and folders and send them via e-mail without much hassle.

As long as e-mail remains the premiere business communication, file compression programs will be necessary. NXPowerLite Desktop Edition stands out in a crowded market by offering plenty of file-managing features and an overall great performance.

Instead of the normal interface most compression programs have, this rather large download boasts a very attractive layout. NXPowerLite Desktop Edition doesn't sacrifice features for looks, though. The program gives you just as many options to manage your files; that is, as long as you're within your free trial, which lasts 30 days (14 in ver. 5.1.6). The process of compressing files is quite simple and more advanced with this program as you are able to compress multiple files and folders at the same time and select how you would like to optimize your files. There are four options for optimization at hand: custom, screen, print, and even optimization for mobile devices. After the process is done you can choose to open the files, e-mail them, or zip and e-mail at the same time. To mail your ZIPs, you need to create an e-mail profile. This version has added support to reduce PDF, Microsoft Office 2010, and JPEG files as well as files contained inside ZIP archives. The developers also added Lotus Notes, Outlook Express, and Windows mail integration to automatically reduce attachments as they are sent.

The price for NXPowerLite Desktop Edition seems a bit high, but businesses that deal with large PDF files or Word documents on a daily basis may avail from this program as it's able to drastically reduce files in size without sacrificing the quality.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of NXPowerLite Desktop Edition 5.0.7.

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