Run multiple Skype accounts with Multi Skype Launcher

Launch multiple Skype accounts on the same computer at the same time.

Most of us appreciate Skype for its simplicity, but there are some users who wish this popular voice-over-IP software application had more features to offer. If you wish to add some more powerful customization options to Skype, use Multi Skype Launcher. It lets you log multiple Skype accounts in at once and adds a few more customization features, but eliminates most of the stuff that makes Skype so user-friendly.

Most users will struggle making it through this program's minefield of an install process. There are at least three very sketchy programs that try to install themselves during setup. Even when the install process is over, this software still tries to make you install more of the developer's Skype-centric programs. If you make it through that pain of a process, Multi Skype Launcher delivers on what you downloaded it for. It logs in to multiple Skype accounts and can even launch Skype right when you sign in to Windows. Sadly, the only new feature it brings to Skype is its namesake feature. Everything else is done better in Skype with a few changes in settings. Plus, you'll miss out on the Skype layout you're used to if you use this program as your default way to use Skype.

As far as video chat programs go, Skype wears a crown for a reason. All of its best features are simple to set up and there isn't much else that you really need. Though Multi Skype Launcher's features work well enough, they're not really useful. That and the ad-loaded install process make this program one you can pass up without missing out on much.

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