Become a DJ on your Android device with DJPad MP3 DJ Lite

Scratch records and mix music on your Android device with DJPad MP3 DJ Lite.

This app makes it easy to experiment with your MP3 collection as though they were vinyl records. If you are not familiar with mixing music, have no fear, as DJPad MP3 DJ Lite is very easy to use and understand. It does have quite a few drawbacks, however.

Downloading and setting up DJPad MP3 DJ Lite works like a charm. After you download this app you are greeted with a virtual turntable image. The options are listed on the bottom of the screen and you may load two different tracks on the two opposing turn tables. The tracks can then be manipulated using faders, speed control, volume, and balance. The graphics are not that great and the layout is actually pretty poor. This app has a black background with two dark-blue squares that represent the turn tables. The text is very small and thin, which will give you a hard time reading and navigating this app. This app seems to be more geared toward tablet users rather than phone users and it would definitely benefit from larger text and a brighter background. There are a few other problems with this app as well. The volume was very low and required the use of earphones in order to hear at all. Even after we tested this app on another device, the volume seemed unusually low and barely audible. Another problem is stability. On a few occasions we noticed that the application kept crashing and bringing us back to the home screen.

DJPad MP3 DJ Lite seems like a great idea, but it isn't finished. It's a fun application to play around with, but don't expect to make any pro music.

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