Navigate to new destinations with CoPilot GPS app for your Android device

Find your way using detailed onboard maps provided by CoPilot GPS.

The most typical drawback of Google Maps for navigation is the data usage that occurs during the entire time you are navigating. Unlike Google Maps, CoPilot GPS doesn't have to constantly download and update the map as you move along the road. It operates similarly to a traditional GPS.

Copilot GPS welcomed us with an attractive layout. The app is well designed and intuitive. During the setup, this app requires you to pick a map and download it. At this stage of setup it is highly recommended that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network due to speed and data charges. The map is between 150MB and 1.5GB, depending on which one you choose to download. There is also a North America map available that is around 3GB. Once the map is fully loaded, this app starts to function very much like a standalone GPS. It works seamlessly and is bug-free. The only slight drawback we found was that on a few occasions the map was out of date by at least six months. Some additional features such as voice-guided navigation and 3D map views seem to be available with the paid version of this app.

For users conscious of data use who require the assistance of a GPS occasionally, CoPilot GPS seems to be an appropriate application. On the other hand, those who require absolute accuracy should perhaps look elsewhere.

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