Print files from your Android device with Cloud Print app

Use any printer with your Android mobile device easily and efficiently.

Printing a file from your device used to be quite cumbersome, but with this app those days are over. Cloud Print allows you to simply and effectively print any file from your Android-powered phone or tablet on virtually any printer.

Downloading and setting up Cloud Print is very easy. However, there is some setup required on the printer side using your PC and Google's Chrome browser. We found this setup fairly straightforward, and the tutorial was very helpful. Once the app is set up properly, it works great. The clean white layout is friendly to your eyes and exhibits Google's typical no-nonsense style. The app itself acts as a mediator between your device and the printer. It works in the background and rarely requires attention. If you wish to print a document, you simply hit the Share tab. Along with the usual social networking options you already have, there is now an additional Cloud Print option. Once you select the option the file is placed in your print queue. This app operates flawlessly, and we didn't notice any bugs or errors. It can print any file found on your Android device including SMS, images, and contacts as well as files you have on the Web.

Cloud Print does exactly what it claims to do: it prints from your mobile device. If you have a need for this option, you will find this application perfect. If you haven't considered this as an option recently, you should try this one out. Once the ability is there, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

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