Send text messages to the Philippines with Chikka Text Messenger

Send text messages to the Philippines with the simplicity of a messenger application and without any complication or high cost.

Sending and receiving text messages can be problematic and costly when your destination is the Philippines. Chikka Text Messenger solves this dilemma for you by providing a communication hub via online servers.

The application loads quite quickly and the account setup is simple as well. If you possess a Globe, Smart, or Sun mobile phone you may simply enter your phone number and password. All other phone providers must set up an account with a valid e-mail address. Chikka Text Messenger is free for the user who installs it. However, there is a nominal fee for the phone responding to the messages. The application is stable for the most part and operates as expected. If it is used often the software may get buggy at times. It may shut down in the middle of conversation or stop responding. However, most of the time it works well.

Chikka Text Messenger has a look and feel similar to the messenger utility built into the OS with a few extra features and settings. It has a clean layout and simple contrasting colors, making it easy to read. If the user has family or business in the Philippines this is definitely a must-have, but don't rely on it for everyday conversation.

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