Build a nation from a village, micromanaging all the way, in Trade Nations for Mac

Build, grow, crop, trade, and negotiate with others in this social builder game.

Trade Nations for Mac is a port of the namesake game to the Mac OS X platform. Trade Nations for Mac is a game of development and trade. It is available from the App Store and numerous download sites and is a free app, although hard-core players will want to purchase in-app upgrades and extras.

In Trade Nations for Mac, you begin the game in a small village, acting as the mayor. You can have your villagers perform more than a dozen different jobs, creating goods, growing food, and developing the village infrastructure. As the village grows you need to adjust the population's jobs to continue the growth and prevent stagnation. You need to micromanage their tasks, give them places to live, manage overall resources, and expand your contacts with other villages, cities, and nations. Trade Nations for Mac includes a social aspect so you can play with your friends, interacting with them and working toward a global market. With more than 100 achievements to reach, there's enough to keep you playing Trade Nations for Mac for a while. The cartoonish graphics and a clean interface make this a fun game for both short-term and long-term play.

We've played Trade Nations on several platforms and it is an interesting cross between the traditional city-builder and trade game. The only issue most players will have is the need to spend real cash to advance and expand with any speed in the game. The publishers add new content regularly, and the social aspects of the game will attract many players.

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