Design your ideal interior with Sweet Home 3D for Mac

Flexible and powerful interior decoration software gives you every tool you can think of.

Sweet Home 3D for Mac is an interior design application that lets you lay out your furniture (or even your house). Sweet Home 3D for Mac is a free download and installs easily.

Sweet Home 3D for Mac lets you arrange and rearrange furniture in a framework house so you can get the optimum layout. You start using Sweet Home 3D for Mac by laying out the dimensions of your room, floor, or house. The more accurately this is done the better, as a few inches can make a huge difference in layout potential. After that, you can grab images of furniture and position them in your layout. You can adjust the sizes of the furniture to match your existing furniture easily. To view the results, you can have a top-down view, or a movable 3D view that lets you move about and view the layout from all angles. Even better, you can create photo-realistic images of the results, giving you an accurate view from any angle. While it is relatively easy to get started with Sweet Home 3D for Mac, there's a surprisingly complex application underneath it with so many tunable features it could take months to learn everything about the software.

There's a ton of capabilities in Sweet Home 3D for Mac, but at the same time you can use it for laying out your dining room in a few minutes. The biggest surprise is that the software is free, and has an active support forum for it. If interior design is something you could use, Sweet Home 3D for Mac is a winner of an app.

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