Manage, resize, and move windows without a mouse using Spectacle for Mac

Moving windows, combining them, and positioning them on your Mac without a mouse is easy with this winner of an app.

Spectacle for Mac is a Mac OS X utility for organizing and positioning windows on your screen without the use of a mouse. A free download from many download sites, but not the App Store, Spectacle for Mac installs easily. Spectacle for Mac is an open-source app.

For those who don't have a mouse handy, or have issues with their mouse, working with a crowded screen can be a nightmare. Utilities like Spectacle for Mac really help out. Using Spectacle for Mac you adjust windows locations and size as needed, all without a mouse. Spectacle for Mac manages windows with a set of shortcuts (there's a list of about a dozen commands you will get to know). While at first it may be a bit awkward using the Ctrl and Cmd keys in combination with the cursor keys, it quickly will become second nature.

There are a few similar apps on the market (at last check about a dozen, in fact), but Spectacle for Mac is the one we've left on our MacBooks. It is clean, easy, unobtrusive, and becomes second nature to use. So much so that we've started leaving our mouse at home for short and unencumbered jaunts, relying on Spectacle for Mac to handle all our window needs. If this sort of utility is something that could help you, you'll find that Spectacle for Mac quickly becomes a go-to utility.

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