House your citizens, give them jobs, and help them grow in Small Street for Mac

Managing your street on a macro level is fun in this addictive game.

Small Street for Mac is a town-building and management game. A free download for Mac OS X, there are in-game purchases of extras and money that help expand the game and the play. Small Street for Mac is available from the App Store and download sites and installs easily.

The goal of Small Street for Mac is to create a town of apartments and houses for citizens, and shops and restaurants for them to work in and buy from. Instead of starting small and building to a large city or nation like some building games, Small Street for Mac stays small and focuses on the day-to-day existences of your street's citizens and their businesses. The cartoonish graphics are well done, and show an inside look through the front fa?ade of houses and shops, letting you see what your citizens are doing. You choose where they live, where they shop, and where they work, trying to keep everything expanding and growing so the citizens end up with their perfect jobs and dream houses. Gameplay is simple to learn and, in our experience, additive.

We had no issues with Small Street for Mac other than a constant desire to buy more items, all of which cost real money but help your town expand faster. The game plays well and since there are versions for Mac and iOS devices, we can see this being an addictive game to play anywhere. We enjoyed playing Small Street for Mac.

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