Defend your village from hordes of nasties

Fight off zombies with everything you have to protect the village in this fun game.

Samurai vs Zombies Defense for Mac is an animated combat game ported from other platforms. It is available as a free download from the App Store with in-game purchases to add extra capabilities and allow purchases. The app installs easily.

The idea behind Samurai vs Zombies Defense for Mac is that you are a Samurai warrior facing a horde of zombies out to overrun your village. While you can fight the zombies yourself using your swords, you also need to recruit help from other allies to handle the masses of zombies. Some allies are powerful warriors, others are farmers with very little skill, but every dead zombie is a good zombie. There's a set of mini-games that help you earn special items, and you can buy upgrades by spending in-game gems bought with real cash. The graphics are good, with splashes of color throughout to liven things up. Gameplay is interesting and addictive.

We played Samurai vs Zombies Defense for Mac for a few weeks off and on, always finding it both amusing and fun. In the end, fun is what we expect from a game of this type, so Samurai vs Zombies Defense for Mac is a success. While the in-game purchases can get expensive, there's a lot of fun with just the base game.

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