Free up memory and make your system a little faster with Memory Clean

Unblocking memory that is not used helps your system perform better through this handy and essential app.

Memory Clean is an app for cleaning up your Mac OS X device memory at intervals. Memory Clean is available from the App Store or several download sites, and installs easily. Memory Clean is a free app.

Memory Clean is meant to be run after using memory-intensive applications or games, which can fragment the blocks of free memory in your system. Fragmented memory can lead to degraded performance. Memory Clean does not work continuously, but whenever you launch it. A nice touch is an interface that shows you the amount of free memory you had before running Memory Clean as well as after. In some cases the result can be dramatic. For example when a game we were playing terminated, it kept blocks of memory reserved for no reason. Running Memory Clean freed up almost 1GB of RAM for other applications. There are settings that let you automatically run Memory Clean when free memory drops below a preset threshold, or on demand when you exit an app.

Memory Clean is one of those handy utilities that you don't realize you need until you've seen it work a few times. In our testing Memory Clean worked well and gave us no issues. This will become a necessary app on all our MacBooks and iMacs.

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