Fun and addictive port of Kingdom Chronicles strategy game

Defeat the evil empire one village at a time in this amusing and interesting game.

Kingdom Chronicles for Mac is a port of a popular action strategy game on other platforms. Available as a free download from the App Store, there are in-game purchases that add levels over the base game. Kingdom Chronicles for Mac installs easily.

Kingdom Chronicles for Mac is about an adventurer who has to retake his homeland from a greedy villain. To do this the hero must work with the people in the occupied villages to fight back and retake the land one small area at a time. By controlling the individuals in a city you take on the role of the adventurer and help steer the game to a final fight, solving mysteries on the way. With more than 40 levels (some of which must be unlocked in the App Store), there's a lot to do here, but the game is easy to learn and play. The graphics are well done and the narrative hooks you into the game. As you go from level to level, with more of your land freed, you find yourself getting more immersed in the narrative.

We played Kingdom Chronicles for Mac for a week on our MacBook Pro and enjoyed the game, eventually purchasing the upgrades and a strategy guide. The game is well designed and attractive, and works well on the Mac. With a free download offering enough to get you interested, there's no reason not to give Kingdom Chronicles for Mac a try.

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