Remove blocked memory that is not in use with FreeMemory for Mac

Fragmented memory makes systems run slower, but this app fixes your machine quickly and easily.

FreeMemory for Mac is a utility to free up unneeded memory in your Mac OS X device. It is available for free from the App Store and download sites. It installs easily.

The goal of FreeMemory for Mac is to mark blocks of memory that were used by terminated applications as free, allowing them to be used by other applications. When run, FreeMemory for Mac checks what memory is allocated and whether it is associated with a running app. If not, then it is freed up, allowing for other apps to run. Activated by clicking on the menu bar icon, FreeMemory for Mac takes just a few seconds to run and can show you the results in a graph. You can set FreeMemory for Mac to run automatically, or just run it when you think your system is performing under standard.

We used FreeMemory for Mac on a MacBook that ran games and virtual machines. We were always running into memory issues after these apps terminated, but FreeMemory for Mac quickly released the blocked memory. The reports afterward show we could gain almost a gigabyte in some cases. Simple to use and with the autorun setup almost out of mind, FreeMemory for Mac is a handy free utility.

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