Complex yet capable 3D animation engine

Create 3D graphic images and animate them with this workstation-class app.

Cinema 4D for Mac is a complex 3D graphics app for Mac OS X. With prices ranging up to $1,000 for a license, this is not a lightweight app decision. It also requires considerable hardware resources to function.

Designed to allow your MacBook or iMac to become a 3D animation studio, Cinema 4D for Mac is a full-featured software package that looks and works like a dedicated animation hardware platform. Learning Cinema 4D for Mac takes a fair bit of time; it may take weeks to become conversant in the software and use the incredible power it has underneath the hood. There are video tutorials to help you with the learning curve. The interfaces are clean and well laid out, and while there's a gazillion items to deal with, the actual workflow to creating a solid piece of 3D animation is not too bad. You can take existing 2D artwork and import it, turning it into a 3D image, or you can draw entirely within Cinema 4D for Mac to create the 3D subject. Animating the results is surprisingly easy.

While the prices of Cinema 4D for Mac are high compared with the price of average apps, there's no doubt this is actually a bargain compared with dedicated high-end animation studios. And Cinema 4D for Mac is a quality product through and through. If you have any interest in creating your own animations, whether for a very short sequence or a full-length movie, Cinema 4D for Mac can get you there.

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