Resize, crop, rotate, and watermark your images with Sizerox

Changing image parameters is easy with this handy drag-and-drop interface.

Sizerox is an app for Mac OS X that lets you resize, crop, watermark, and perform other manipulation of digital images. It's not available through the App Store, but it is from several Web sites. The demo version (which superimposes gray squares over your images, rendering them essentially useless) can be upgraded to the full version for $14.95.

The Sizerox interface is clean and easy to use. Most of the interface windows show details about the source and destination pictures, while additional dialogs let you select preferences. Fully supporting drag-and-drop, Sizerox lets you select one or more images or folders and drag them over the Sizerox icon. From there, you can resize the images to any size you need, bulk rename the images, rotate them (portrait to landscape and vice versa), crop them, or add a digital watermark to the images. Watermarks can be text or images such as a site logo. Sizerox opens standard image formats including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and PSD, but it saves images only as JPEGs.

In use Sizerox worked fine, processing images smoothly. Although not blindingly fast, it never had a problem with large numbers of images. The limitation of saving only as JPEGs is unfortunate, as we had to then use another utility to convert the JPEGS to PNGs for our intended use, but JPEGs may be all you need. Also, the demo version's superimposed squares means all you can really do with the demo version is look at the dialogs and get a feel for the software. Still, for what it does, Sizerox works well.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Sizerox for Mac

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